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Craft clock

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The craft clock spread into China since 17-18century.Many of the clock techniques have lost,only few of the original antique clock exist in the market nowadays,but they are very expensive.According to the demand of market,we are producing more than 200 specitications clocks including 6 series---enamel clock,marble-brass casting clock,carrage clock,Body-moving clock,skeleton clock and muiti-function clock.These clocks are divided in to high grade,medium grade and lower grade.we imitate for the aimin exquisition and initating and reproduce the clock of 17-18century at style and quality with traditional techinque,it is classical,retined,luxurious and the function is wonderful and interesting,they usually are used for viewing,practical use and collecting.we also can make the total piece,which is hand-made according to customer’s designatedstyle and functions.

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